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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toto...I Don't Think We Are In Kansas or Arizona Anymore...Thank God!!!

Please let me stay in Oz...

   So...there are a couple of laws trying to be passed right now in Arizona and Kansas that will make it okay for people who don't like gay people or rather...do not agree with the homosexual "lifestyle"  to refuse service to them because it might go against their 'religious freedom'.  Um...what religious freedom exactly are they referring to?  The freedom to be a butthole? When does serving a person who you think is committing a sin become a violation of your religious freedom? Do you know how many adulterers or fornicators or liars or gluttons you served in one day? When did you become the 'sin police'?  When did you get to decide which sin is greater than another? 

Okay...so I got a little over passionate there..but come on...give me a break. I remember when blacks were not allowed to eat in the same restaurant and or drink out of the same water fountains as white people...it was an ugly time. It was a time I thought we had overcome..and that when we knew better ..we would do better. Obviously I was wrong. Obviously, now that we cannot discriminate legally against other races...we can now discriminate on cherry picked sins. 

Let's just..for argument's sake say...homosexuality is a sin...and you think baking them a cake for a wedding is you condoning that sin..let's just say that for a moment. So, when was the last time you baked a baby shower cake for an unwed mother? When was the last time you baked a wedding cake for a couple where one or both had been divorced? Or what about a birthday cake bought by the mistress of a married man? What about those cakes? How much did it hurt you to bake and decorate those?

And for the rest of us who are not uptight bakery workers...how many times have you sat beside someone in church you knew was a liar, a cheater, a gossiper, an adulterer, or a drunk... and you did not call them out on their sins? Did you speak up? Did you declare that it was against your religious freedom to be forced to share a church pew with them?  Well, if you did not...I am afraid there is little hope for you...other than the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ who is no respecter of persons (which means He shows no partiality and really does not care how you sin...only that you ask forgiveness and that you carry out his commandment to love and not judge others) ! Get your mind out of the bedrooms of other folks and on your own short comings...trust me...that should keep us all busy for awhile.

~ Squirrely Girl...just being Squirrely...