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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Everything You Don't Really Need To Know....

But I'm gonna tell you anyway....

I will only answer the most important questions about life here!
So please do not bother me with all those silly profound questions like "What is the meaning of life?" or "Where do the socks go?" This blog/advice column/ is a place for me to write instead of slap somebody upside the head  and is for those who are serious about getting informed answers to important questions. Like this one.

Dear Squirrely Girl,

Why do you feel the need to "like" every post or status on FB..why..why...why for the love of Krispy Creme donuts and chocolate syrup ..WHY?" 

Signed ~ Sick of You

Dear Sick of You (too),

Good question. You know how when you are driving down the road in the country and people raise that one finger off the steering wheel and you raise your finger back? You don't have a clue who they are and you are not going to pull over and have a long conversation or really lose more than half a second of your entire life so.. you just raise your finger up and nod in agreement that you are both members of the human race and probably driving to a job you might hate or love so you can support a family that you might hate or love but for one brief moment in time, you both paused and acknowledged you are not alone in this world. I am not sure they do this all over the country, but we sure do it here in the south. It is a sign of being friendly or just recognizing that you saw that finger and you give them the finger back (that didn't sound quite right, but you know what I mean).

People like to be acknowledged, they like to know that even for one second, someone cared what they thought or said. So I "like" post and statuses and pictures of grandbabies and even those blasted "funny/inspirational/silly/ridiculous" pics that some of us..I won't mention any names...post way too many of. So just hit the "like" button every now and then, it won't kill you. It is like giving a "thumbs up" to someone. We all need a thumbs up, it is good for your blood pressure and cholesterol. (Okay ..I made that up.) I hope that answered your question Sick of You. Have a nice day and bring me some Krispy Creme donuts and chocolate syrup (I only drink Hersheys)
Thank you!

If you have other life changing important questions like this one...feel free to submit them immediately to be included in my new blog "Dear Squirrely Girl...it is not really new at all I have just been too lazy to post anything here  ~in small letters~ The names will be changed to protect the innocent.


  1. The meaning of life is 42! Duh... Just read your Hitchhiker's Guide ;) and I'll bring the Hershey's and Krispy Kreme!

    1. I have GOT to get that whole Hitchhiker's Guide, because I do not have a clue what 42 means...lol

  2. I agree, sometimes I hit like just to let the person know I am still alive and kicking or hitting you know, like buttons. It is like saying hello without having to type something. It is an easy way of saying I see you are there and hope you are doing well but I just am passing thru. And I think it is polite. lol

    1. It is a small world and a big world...anything we can do to bring us together for one brief moment in time...is ALWAYS a good thing...Ain't that right??