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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Facebook is the Devil

Facebook is the Devil, Satan and the Apocalypse

Or…the switch turns on AND off…

Dear Squirrely Girl,

I think FB is destroying every moral fabric in the world. I think it is the devil’s tool sometimes and part of Satan’s plan. It is a sign of the times I guess. Someone is always fighting or gets their feelings hurt because they think a post is about them when it is not.  People use foul language and put those pictures or videos up showing half naked men or women and then turn around and put up a bible verse. People put too much personal stuff on there about who broke their heart or who made them mad. People talk about politics and just get into big fights and stop being friends. I just want to see the pictures of families and babies and pets and happy news or maybe prayer request when someone is in need.  I think people spend too much time on FB and not enough time with family. Just my opinion, but love your squirrels.

Signed~  Tired of Facebook

Dear Tard, (I mean, Tired..and aren’t we all?)

I agree and disagree with you on so many levels I am not sure where to begin. So I will begin with eating a Godiva chocolate and see if I can sort this out.

I agree people spend too much time on Facebook and not enough time with real people. Can I get an AMEN? We also spend way too much time watching t.v. talking or texting on the phone, at work, at play, eating, sleeping, worrying, griping, complaining, crying and generally concentrating on ourselves. So to that I say, ‘moderation in everything’ is the iron clad rule.

I agree posting a pic with a half naked woman or man that says "WTF or I hope Karma makes your brakes go out while going down a hill".. immediately before John 3:16.. is confusing.  Hypocrisy is running rampant and not just on FB. It is troubling I admit and you are right, Facebook is probably not the best place to convince people you are a Christian. The fruits of your life day in and day out should speak much louder.

I agree using Facebook to work out personal or family problems is not the best idea in the world-- it is really the coward way. Sort of like, ‘if you were here I would probably pretend everything is just fine but since you are not here I am going to talk big or give vague references to what is wrong instead of just talking to you like a sane person."  Facebook is really no different than the old fashioned party line on phones with a rotary dial….everybody can talk and everybody can listen. Remembering that would be the best advice I could give on that subject. Although, I don’t think letting people know you are upset is all bad, which I will say again in the following section you will not like called “I Disagree”

I Disagree:

I don’t agree that Facebook is of the devil or Satan or created by the Anti-Christ anymore than Mama Bess thought Elvis and the Beatles were evil, although she said that many times. I ask her once if she really meant that and she said, “Nah..Elvis is good boy, loves his mama. Not sure ‘bout them long-haired boys from overseas, but they probably love their mama too. It is the way people are carrying on about them that is the sin. Anything that obsesses you and makes you lose your mind for a minute or two is not good.” See, it is not Facebook that is evil-- it is the evil use of Facebook you are concerned with.

I disagree that airing ALL things personal on Facebook is bad. You said it yourself. Prayer request, babies being born, birthdays, old pictures, and sharing memories are all wonderful things. And sometimes people actually re-connect with old friends or family that they may never had the nerve to call or see in person. But just like life, we don’t get to pick and choose just the good stuff. It is sometimes uncomfortable and almost offensive to see some of the “drank a little too much of Ol’ Grandpa’s Cough Syrup” status updates that tell way more than they should-- but you know what? I got the perfect solution for you:  Don’t read ‘em!

It really is just that simple. Don’t like what you see on t.v? Turn the channel. You ARE your own filter. You decide what you take into your heart and your mind. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and saying “YOU MUST READ ALL FB UPDATES”! When people complain about what they see on FB, I have to just go whip my head back and forth to make sure I still have a brain in there somewhere. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Don’t like it several times? Delete ‘em. Just like that, POOF, they are gone. If you truly feel that music or FB or movies or books or tv or radio or magazines or any other medium is of the devil—don’t watch, read or listen to any of those things. As a matter of fact if you truly believe that about FB, I would worry about you if you did not delete your entire account immediately.

Third: (Last but not least)

If you think a post is about you—well—it probably is and your conscious is screaming loud enough to burst your eardrum. Hey, I wish FB was simpler than life, but it is not. You know why? Because there are HUMANS using it! It will be messy and crazy and sad and happy and insane and ugly and mean and sweet and funny and critical and thought provoking and irritating and a blessing depending on who is using it. In other words, it will reflect ‘life’. But the beautiful thing about FB is …with one click…one very simple click…you can make it all go away.
P.S. The squirrels love you too but they are FB addicts so please forgive them!!!
Signed ~ Squirrely Girl


  1. Omgosh, you are physic or psycho hahaha. This is exactly what I would have said. Maybe you were channeling me. I love this blog. Ok you and I are definitely kindred spirits or sisters from a different mothers or whatever that saying is!!!! Excellent advise. Turn it off, hahaha how simple. Squirrely Girl are you sure you are not me??? Cyndi Bunny

  2. Sisters are as sisters do...so I think that officially makes us Seeesters!

  3. Love it! So spot on as my English friends would say... After all, aren't we FB family?! And we both know God has used FB to work some pretty incredible opportunities for support, prayer and walking with each other... and once again, Mama Bess was right~

    1. Mama Bess was rarely wrong..but when she was she was the first to admit it...what a novel idea...haha