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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'M SORRY...So Sorry....

Or....Sorry is not a 4 letter word...

.Love me some John Denver...."I'm Sorry"

And some Elton John..."Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word"

And I really love me some Brenda Lee.."I'm Sorry...So Sorry"

Yeah, I am kissing up...hoping if I soothe you with some great music you will not egg my house this afternoon...but here goes...

I apologize as a citizen of the United States of America. OH YES I DID …I just said that and I am not in the least bit sorry for saying that. You know why? Because I am secure in my country, I am secure that as crazy as we all act lately, we are still a nation of incredible people. The majority of people in America are not racist, homophobic, singular thought, myopic idiots. We are a people who work hard and love harder. We are a spiritual and faithful people for the most part, who do not use their religion as an excuse to spew hate and fear but love and concern for the well being of others. I will not apologize for American values. And I will speak up loud and clear for them every chance I get.  I will always speak up for decency and respect. Some might be surprised at how many times I have spoke up for Mormons and those who think they know me might be even more surprised how many times I have spoke up for Muslims. You know why? Because I personally know some wonderful Mormons and Muslims, I do not agree with their religious beliefs but I am proud to call them my friends and we have had some very meaningful discussions about our faith. I do not judge them by some of the crazy people of their faith and I know they do not judge me by some of the weirdos in mine.

I am a Christian who holds steadfastly to the scripture that says to turn the other cheek, so yes, I apologize for those who would use free speech and religion to further any political agenda. I join many others who say, ”We are sorry, we are so very sorry that in every country there will be those who take an extremist view, those who will do anything to make a mockery of their country. We are sorry that some would try to damage the morals and the remarkable stand the United States has made in most of its history of freedom for all humans, regardless of age, race, religion, faith and any other adjective that may describe individuals and we are even more sorry that those acts have caused the deaths of innocent people who offered their lives only in the protection of a country they love.”  People come from all over the world to become a citizen of our great nation and I am so very thankful to have been born here and not have to go through the tremendous struggles I have watched others go through to share that privilege. It is with that gratitude and pride I say: “I am sorry, that through the media and those who would use any means to further a political point, some have misrepresented my wonderful country and I pray that you will not judge all of us by those ‘whackos’ just as I will not judge your country by your ‘whackos’! “ I have no problem with apologizing...NONE... whatsoever…it does not mean we are weak, it does not mean I am not proud of my country…it means I am so very proud of America and that it is strong enough…big enough and yes BLESSED enough to be able at any time and any place to say, “I am sorry.”

We are not perfect and because we proclaim every single day that we are a Christian nation, we should follow Christ teachings’: ‘love your neighbor and  love your enemy.”  So we will love you-yes even you-- those who persecute us. It does not make us weak--it makes us authentic. It makes us what we proclaim even more often, that we are ‘exceptional’.  It means that the majority of us do not agree with anything you hear on so called news programs or any movie you see on the internet. It means most of us would welcome you into our homes and have you sit down and break bread with us. That is what Jesus would do, I have no doubt about that and trust me…I have a lot of doubts about a lot of things, but I have no doubt that most people in this country love more than they hate.

They get caught up in the hate and the need to go to war over anything they fear. They are afraid that the very constitution our founding fathers created will not hold up. That we will not be protected to live our lives they way we choose. That somehow because we have a President that does not look like all our other President’s he will somehow have some special power to do as he pleases and take away all our rights. And we forgot that no one President has EVER had any such power. It has been proven even more the past four years when almost every single thing he presented has been overturned. So I have never felt more confident that this country will not be taken over by some ruthless dictator. What I do worry about is that a ‘movement’ or a group of people will spread their own take on reality and prey on those who may not have the time or the ability to check out actual facts and cause them to be caught up in a frenzy of hate and misinformation to the point of making bad decisions based on illusion. I am afraid people may use their distinguished role as leaders in public office, media, churches and synagogues to do the same thing we accuse others of and spread fear among people of anything that looks, acts or believes different from them. I worry that we are becoming a country more divided than united. 

Always and I really mean this…ALWAYS…look at those who would go to war at a drop of a hat over anything!  Before you jump on the ‘bomb them all and show them who is boss” bandwagon…ask yourself a few questions. ”Will I be the one fighting the war? Will my children be fighting the war?” “Will my grandchildren be fighting the war?” Am I really …really…ready to make that sacrifice? Because someone is going to be making it. It is easy to say …let’s  show them who is the supreme power, let’s take down those who would oppress us, but if killing people would have made everything alright,would we not be safer today than we were 11 years ago? Aren’t we still mad with the same people and aren’t they still mad with us after thousands of innocent men, women and children losing their lives in the name of ‘payback’ for 9/11?
A good offense may be the best defense, but what I hear is a lot of "put the defense in because another country says we should, or because it will be good for my political career." Someone should say they are sorry for even thinking those thoughts.

My only prayer is that calm and reasonable minds will prevail in our country and throughout the world today and that my grandchildren will not soon hide under their desk in fear for their lives. That somehow we will all take a step back, take a deep breath and say…”What the heck are we doing?” When people are more upset that someone would say, “I am sorry” than the number of innocent lives that have been wasted in the last two wars, we should be outraged--- not use it as a campaign slogan.  I think we should all apologize to God for being so quick to want to use war to settle any problem. I had much rather be known as the country that was practicing the lessons from Jesus’ sermon on the mount, than the one that killed more people in the name of patriotism.

Nobody loves this country more than I do, most of my family served in the military, my father’s life was cut short due to serving his country. That is why I take it very seriously and know we should pause to ask the important questions before we ask for another war that will more than likely not accomplish anymore than the last two. I am sorry. I am sorry that we live in a time when saying, "I'm sorry" is considered a weakness and embarrassment. I truly am....

 “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble."--James 4:6

~Love, hope and peace to each and every one~
~Squirrely Girl

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